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“Lose Yourself” is a collection of songs inspired by the different states of mind caused by our current culture. On the one hand, there is the need for self-fullfillment in a culture that seems to offer everything we need and everything we don’t need. On the other hand, there is the state of “losing it” where we are haunted by too many addictions and temptations. We are lost in an overflow of useless information and scarred by a loss of privacy. I believe we have all experienced these states in life and from this standpoint I have transformed my personal emotions into music. In the end, real happiness and peace of mind can only be found within ourselves, despite everything that surrounds us.    Ulrich Ellison, Nov 2011

feat. Dony Wynn – dr, Steve Bernal – b, David Sierra – dr, Brady Muckelroy, Winton Reynolds -keys, ena – voc, ….


LOSE YOURSELF T-SHIRT   maroon or navy blue, sizes s,med,l,xl

quality cotton T-shirt, pre-shrunk (the actual shirt doesn’t have the rectangle as shown)




This collection shows the Ulrich Ellison Trio in its raw and essential form. The DVD footage filmed at the Channel Austin Studios presents spectacular improvisations and group interplay.

The CD contains a selection of high-energy live performances recorded in the Austin area from 2008 to 2010. Most recordings were done on a simple eight-track machine,  with some amazing results. It captures the sound, vibe and spontaneity of this group, showcasing the immense talent of each individual musician. Featuring Brady Muckelroy – b, David Sierra – dr, Sabine Ellison – b, Brannen Temple – dr


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